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"I do believe your firm would make an excellent choice in using Tom and DOT Compliance Consultants, LLC as your DOT Compliance and Safety Consultants."

— Steve S, President, Wisconsin




"DOT Compliance Consultants service is in many ways very invaluable to us and our staff in keeping us up to speed, with the fast moving trucking business DOT Regulations."

— John L, President, Minnesota




"I compliment Tom and DOT Compliance Consultants on their efforts and success in the Safety Program. Tom implemented at the four transportation companies under my direct and indirect senior level supervision."

— Norris F, Transportation Manager, Pennsylvania




"DOT Compliance Consultants gave us the confidence that we would be in good standing with the DOT if they came for an audit at anytime!"

— Brian R, Principal, Minnesota




"Tom is very flexible, Tom was willing to conduct meetings on the weekends which helped our company have a 100% turnout."

— Dean H. President, Minnesota






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